Block Party 2013 Spotlight – Duchovny

September 4, 2013

Their sound is all the good things about alt-rock, jazz, and pop melded together. Duchovny not only has a special skill for songwriting, but they do an excellent job of complementing their smooth vocals with the instruments instead of being overwhelming.

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Greeley Stampede Spotlight – Alejandro Escovedo

June 28, 2013

Growing up in a musical family helped San Antonio’s Alejandro Escovedo fall in love with the art at an early age, and being raised around music has it’s perks. Escovedo is 62, and still rockin’ with an impressive resume to back him up. He has been a part of bands including Rank and File, The True Believers, and punk rock outfit The Nuns.

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Album Review: Yellowbirds

June 4, 2013

Songs from the Vanished Frontier is an album that is immediately attractive to the ear. “Stop Tonight” is a spacey, bubbling opening act for Vanished Frontier that leads to eight more pleasant tunes. In one of the singles from the new album “Young Men of Promise,” Cohen sings “Leaving you was like a car crash / I’m a river, you’re a raging sea.” The lyrics are delightful with a simple honesty that makes it one of the best tracks on Vanished Frontier.

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