Album Review: Big Gigantic – The Night is Young

March 3, 2014

Big Gigantic should be listened to loudly in order to fully embrace the complex jazzy vibe. The intricate Boulder Colorado based jamtronica group Big Gigantic, has just released their new long awaited album The Night is Young February 11th 2014. The album is an incredible piece of art that combines dance, electronica , hip-hop, jam band, funk, and jazz music styles, to create entrancing sounds that build energy and keep the audience fully engaged.

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Elephant Revival: Writing Songs to Create Emotion

October 11, 2013

Since 2006 Elephant Revival has been traveling around the U.S. opening for bands such as the Dispatch, State Radio, String Cheese Incident, and many more. Composed of five multi-instrumentalists who all contribute to the songwriting process, Bonnie Pain, Sage Cook, Dango Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, and Bridget Law, this “transcendental folk” band combines bluegrass, country, indie rock, reggae, and jam band grooves.

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Review: Jobs

September 17, 2013

Although the role for Steve Jobs is played by the unexpected Ashton Kutcher, who’s most memorable from “That 70’s Show” as playing the notoriously unintelligent role of Kelso, he puts on a remarkable performance that’s captivating, and wistful.

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Greeley Stampede Spotlight: Los Lobos

June 28, 2013

os Lobos is Spanish for “the wolves” and this pack consists of David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, Louie Perez, and Steven Berlin. The band plays an assortment of instruments including: guitar, bass, mandolin, accordion, keyboard, saxophone, flute, harmonica, violin, banjo, melodica, and various percussion instruments. Their catchy sound and well-arranged set is a great addition to this year’s Stampede.

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