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Album Review: Huff N Keen – Foul I See

by John Hann

Huff_N_Keen_Foul-i-see-front-largeColorado’s Huff N Keen just released a six-track mixtape called Foul I See earlier this year. The mixtape shows off the group’s unique style of production by combining hip-hop, jazz, electronica, and some classic rock to construct the tracks.

Although some of the vocals throughout the mixtape are rather muddy and difficult to understand, the overall production is impressive and stays true to Huff N Keen’s soul-hop style. Foul I See utilizes a stronger soul-based sound to their tracks, unlike many of their mixtapes. It’s a great step in the right direction for the group, and showcases their high energy and constructive message through a new perspective.

Foul I See is the shortest project the group has released yet, but does not disappoint and has several tracks that are worth checking out. “Funk Vol 2012 Contest” has an interesting hook, and demonstrates the lyrical talent of the group to ride a catchy beat. “Life” shows off the group’s ability to flow fast and discuss the difficulties life throws at everyone, over a catchy piano and string-based beat.

“I’m Free” is perhaps the most soul-based track on the album. The track is produced with jazzy piano, soulful background singers, and a simple hip-hop drum beat that brings their sound to the track. The rapping on the track is right on cue, fast, and provides a smooth flow to the verses.

The final track is called “Kick Back” and is a sample of Grizmatik’s hit song “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom.” It’s the most upbeat track on the mixtape and talks about the group’s passion for music and motivation to succeed while using “patience and peacefulness” to control their state of mind. A few downfalls of the track are the muffled lyrics and nearly the entire last two minutes of the track has no vocals at all.

The local hip hop group has been working hard to produce some unique tracks, what they call “soul hop,” and have released another successful, underground project hip-hop fans everywhere should give a listen. Huff N Keen’s mixtape can be found online at and is free to download.

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