GEMINI by Heartsick Heroine | Album Review

February 12, 2024

Historically, progressive rock and metal have been genres primarily reserved, or perhaps almost exclusively enjoyed, by a largely male demographic. However, with their latest release, the female-led Heartsick Heroine not only smashes the stereotypes of …

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The Legend of Danno Simpson

February 6, 2024

As Danno Simpson sat in the intake room of the Larimer County Jail sobering up, he tried to piece together the disjointed fragments of the night before. He remembered getting angry, swinging his fists and …

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A COLLUR-ful Piece

January 16, 2024

An Empty Canvas In 2023, COLLUR’s journey as an artist resembled that of an explorer venturing into uncharted palettes of styles and melodies. His words began painting a canvas that deepened in shades and hues …

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