Album Review: Bones Muhroni – Triquetrum

May 7, 2020

Bones Muhroni and it’s figurehead Crew Rienstra have been a lot of things over the years: cheeky, folksy, a touch uncouth, but always a good time. Triquetrum is the happy and painful accident that, in my opinion, gave us his best music to date. It has some of the country quality old friends and fans of Bones have come to love on “The Ballad of Clifford Griffin,” but musically Rienstra has clearly moved beyond that being his primary sound.

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Album Review: JuiceBox – JuiceBox EP

May 5, 2020

JuiceBox emerges from the ashes of Colorado funk outfit Moves at Midnight to produce retro, funky sounds reminiscent of times before most of us were even sipping on Capri Suns. They combine funk, rock, and R&B with strong horn lines under a 70’s aesthetic umbrella, curating a collection of fun jams for bouncing while they search for Soul with a capital S.

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Album Review: Quinn Ayers – Feelings Have Ceilings

May 4, 2020

Quinn Ayers’ full-length “Feelings Have Ceilings” evokes isolated, late-night drives gazing at the neon of his native Las Vegas. The UNC ball-player’s home city is a good metaphor for the record: promising and impressively elaborate but with loneliness beneath the bling. “Feelings Have Ceilings” is a successfully layered at-home listen for, say, Migos fans on the hunt for something more sensitive. But it would definitely bang better in the club than on the typical COVID-era platform: your macbook speakers.

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With A Little Help From My Friends: Resources & Relief For Musicians During The Pandemic

April 30, 2020

In 2013 and 2017, Chris “K” Kresge had what he called “crazy ass idea” to raise a million dollars for the musicians affected by natural disasters and community devastation, now called Rocky Mountain Music Relief.

With live music shut down due to DOVID-19, every week, RMMR updates a spreadsheet that points musicians and music industry professionals to grants and resources.

A slew of financial resources are available to musicians, but there’s more. The Music Minds Matter organization provides a platform for mental first aid as well via free, weekly online meet-ups.

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Redefining The Industry: Could Live Streaming be the Woodstock of the COVID Era?

April 29, 2020

Coronavirus continues to devastate bar and club owners, restaurants and musicians, but there may be a bright spot: the power of streaming live concerts. Some are even making good money at it.

“We’ve learned how to use the tools of social media better now. We are using them rather than just placing facades online,” said Tim Coons of Giants & Pilgrims.
“If I can make $100 sitting on my couch, that redefines the industry for me,” said Brandon Harris of NoCo Band Meat & Potatoes.

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All Together Now: The Burroughs’ Bands Give Back Initiative

April 3, 2020

“The arts are a mental lifeline for kids in the public school system,” says Mary Claxton, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer for Trashcat and the Burroughs. “Everyone deserves to express themselves and have joy throughout the school day. It’s not a privilege.”

Her band The Burroughs have launched the Bands Give Back Initiative, engaging students in music education while raising funds, constructing instrument storage and more for the Greeley, Evans School District 6.

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