Features, Print January 16, 2024

A COLLUR-ful Piece

by Jack Zimmer

An Empty Canvas

In 2023, COLLUR’s journey as an artist resembled that of an explorer venturing into uncharted palettes of styles and melodies. His words began painting a canvas that deepened in shades and hues as the year progressed. As he navigated through various musical genres, each track released was like a brushstroke, adding complexity and depth to his artistic identity. This creative evolution led to a series of popular singles, including “DON’T TRIP!”, “BUBBA”, “RUBIX”, and “OCULUS”, culminating in a collection that resembled a diverse art gallery by year’s end.

COLLUR performing at Block Party Music Festival. Shot by Jason Alfaro of Right Eye Media.

Making College Kids Cool Again

Our recent insight into COLLUR’s activities as 2023 drew to a close revealed an artist still passionately adding brushstrokes to the auditory canvas. Since our last meeting, COLLUR has exhibited remarkable growth and a strong, semi-perfectionist work ethic. He describes himself as, “a really big doer,” a trait evident in his continuous output of music and live shows. Despite challenges, such as resistance and skepticism from his fellow UNC students in Greeley, COLLUR has been innovatively bridging gaps between communities. He achieves this by transforming his headline shows into more than just concerts – they are vibrant community gatherings with themes, free food, mocktails, and cash prizes, all alongside performances by local artists. This effort to connect and resonate with his audience, especially the youth, demonstrates COLLUR’s dedication to not just music, but to fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Bears R Back, slated for January 26th at the Moxi Theater in downtown Greeley, epitomizes COLLUR’s vision of community unity. Inspired by his newfound contentment in Greeley, COLLUR aims to “bridge the UNC community to the greater Greeley community.” He envisions Bears R Back as an annual event, a fusion of students and local music fans. COLLUR aspires for the show to become a self-sustaining community tradition.

What’s to Come?

Reflecting on his artistic journey, COLLUR’s 2023 persona contrasts sharply with his earlier days. Since starting in January 2021, his extensive discography reflects his ambition to “make [him]self important, in a way.” His creative process is spontaneous and immersive, with COLLUR admitting, “I find myself writing in the most random places.” This journey, from his initial steps in the industry to his current status, showcases his resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

Looking forward to 2024, COLLUR’s ambitions are sky-high. He plans to “release a project and pair it with a state-wide tour,” and hints at a potential collaboration for a small EP. His aspiration is to continue evolving his unique sound, a blend of hyper-pop and electronic dance music, while expanding his audience and headlining shows across the state. In 2024 we can expect much more material to be added to his discography. His journey is not just about producing hit tracks; it’s about creating a legacy that resonates with fans and fellow artists alike. Wherever COLLUR goes, he enjoys bringing others there with him. His attitude and friendliness have helped him develop relationships with other local artists as he attempts to perform more and more. 

COLLUR with Ben (left) and Shane (right) of the band Porridge at the Bears R Back promo shoot. Shot by Jason Alfaro of Right Eye Media.

“Just Make A Good Song”

One of his biggest goals for the new year is to make “the music continue pushing [the] boundaries that it is pushing.” He wants his sound to keep growing in this distinct direction where the blending of hyper-pop elements and electronic dance music make it unique to the local scene. In doing this, he hopes to continue to promote his shows and headline events around the state; all while striving to grow his fan base and meet those out there who may not have been able to see him perform live. 

At the heart of COLLUR’s ethos is the simple yet profound goal of creating good music, something he appears to do effortlessly. For him, “the end goal is to just make a good song,” something he seems to do naturally every time. With plans to release three new songs early in 2024 and more throughout the year, his fans should stay alert for the year to come.

Come to Bears R Back w/ COLLUR!

If you find yourself in Northern Colorado on January 26th, the Bears R Back event at the Moxi Theater is a must-attend. COLLUR promises that there’s going to be something for everybody at the show, because, let’s face it, COLLUR is leaving no stone unturned as he paints the path before us into 2024. And, let’s just say, it’s looking quite COLLUR-full. As we step into 2024, COLLUR’s journey is a beacon of creativity and community in the music scene, promising a year filled with innovation, connection, and of course, exceptional music.