BandWagon Scooters

BandWagon Scooters

BandWagon Scooters: Greeley’s Green Go-To Ride

Introducing BandWagon Scooters โ€” Downtown Greeley’s newest mode of transport! Committed to sustainability and convenience, BandWagon Scooters delivers an eco-friendly and reliable transportation solution. Whether you’re on a swift errand or a leisurely tour of the city, our e-scooters cater to both short-term trips and day-long adventures. Embrace an eco-conscious way of exploring Greeley’s charms on two wheels!

How to Get Started:
1. Download & Register: Hop onto the BandWagon Scooters App and set up an account with your mobile number. Available on both Apple and Android.
2. Locate & Ride: Use the app’s handy map function to spot an available e-scooter. Current pick-up points include:
– Blue Sky Cycles in Downtown Greeley.
– By appointment at the BandWagon offices. Email us at to schedule a pickup.
3. End Your Journey: When you’re done cruising, ensure you return and end your rental at Blue Sky Cycles or, if you’ve pre-arranged, at the BandWagon offices.

For those interested in large group rentals or special occasions, kindly email us in advance at We’re here to ensure a smooth ride for everyone!

Discover Greeley in a green and groovy manner with BandWagon Scooters. Hop on and ride out!