Greeley Stampede Spotlight – Martina McBride

June 29, 2014

Among the many faces of country music, Martina McBride leads in an industry of widely known female voices. With a long standing career in the music world her ability to create songs full of meaning is something to be recognized and has been noted professionally in her awards as Female Vocalist of the Year and specifically Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist. With 11 studio albums this singer has plenty to say and a range of sound that evolves through the decades. More than 2/3rds of her albums have received gold certifications with over 14 million records sold in the US. McBride’s firm position in the history of country music continues with a mutual foundation between her the dedicated fans that inspire her, something that doesn’t seem to be fading away.

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Greeley Stampede Spotlight – Big and Rich

Quite possibly the most ostentatious music duo to come out of the country music scene in decades, John Rich and Big Kenny Alphin first hit it big in 2004 with their debut album Horse of a Different Color; the song the general public knows them for was the album’s number two single, “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”

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Fuck Being Anything Else But Crazy

June 28, 2014

Clearly the atypical rapper, he deals in fallen angels and atheism, which alone sets him worlds apart from most other MCs. He has a style that absolutely murders the competition; speedy raps that combine wicked, tricky wordplay with melodic hooks, an on stage presence that involves tribal face paint, a straight jacket and blood red hair, making him one of the most unique figures in the game. With a career spanning over two decades, including fourteen studio albums and over two million independent sales, he’s no slacker either. After becoming increasingly frustrated with major labels, Tech launched his own imprint, Strange Music, Inc. in 1999 with his manager.

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Ceschi’s First Taste of Freedom

June 27, 2014

Fake Four, Inc., a small independent record label in New Haven, Connecticut, has far surpassed the expectations of its founders, brothers Ceschi and David Ramos. Established in 2008, it was born out of a mutual passion for music and grown by the love and support of its fans. As Fake Four was gathering momentum, putting out album after album and touring the world, Ceschi Ramos found himself in a terrible predicament, one even Hollywood couldn’t make up.

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Album Review: The Burroughs – Self Titled EP

June 26, 2014

Whether they’re starting a full-on dance contest during a show with original compositions or performing rip-roaring covers of everything from Beyonce’s “Love on Top” to the Ghostbusters theme, The Burroughs are never short on energy. In under a year of operation, the band has already displayed impressive talent and limitless confidence to match a group several times their tenure. The wait has seemed longer than it actually was, but The Burroughs EP is here, and as expected, is plenty of fun.

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Album Review: Dub Thompson – 9 Songs

June 24, 2014

It’s not easy being weird. Bands that attempt it come off as either trying too hard, or simply botch the effort to produce a product that skews too heavily in one direction: either half-hearted and boring, or so aggressive and outrageous, it’s off-putting. How impressive it is, then, that duo Dub Thompson toes that line astonishing precision, edging debut album 9 Songs into territory that lies comfortably between those extremes and rarely veering off-course.

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Tab Benoit and the Greeley Blues Jam

June 13, 2014

It’s June again and that means one thing for the people of Greeley: it’s time for the Blues Jam. After ten years, the two-day event that turns quiet downtown Greeley into a Mecca for celebrating the blues continues to keep the blues alive and kicking in Northern Colorado. Local businesses see record sales, bands play anywhere a stage will fit, and Blues Jam feeds the flame to a weekly summer event called Go-Cup where the city pretty much gets to party outside. This year, the good people behind the Blues Jam have topped themselves with an incredible line up from across the blues genre. Sitting in the highly coveted headlining spot is none other than the legendary Tab Benoit.

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