Album Review: Afraid of Heights

May 17, 2013

Modern surf rock’s darlings Wavves make a triumphant return to the record store with Afraid of Heights, their first full-length album since 2010’s King of the Beach. Released in March, these thirteen tracks are undeniably some of the band’s best. Their lo-fi, grungy sound, consistent with Wavves’ other releases, does not disappoint.

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Review: King Tuff – “Was Dead”

April 30, 2013

Was Dead, both then and now, is sublime garage rock. It combines lo-fi vocals with heavily distorted riffs and a surfy, often arpeggiated rhythm guitar. It is more laid-back than King Tuff, and fans who only know Thomas from his 2012 release will be pleasantly surprised by this rerelease.

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Colorado Legislature Passes Historic Civil Unions Bill

March 12, 2013

The Colorado House passed a bill Tuesday that would allow same-sex couples to get civil unions in the state, sending the bill to Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk where it is expected to be signed into law. The bill passed by a vote that was close to party lines–all House Democrats voted in favor, with only two Republicans joining, for a 39-26 vote.

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Colorado Snubbed in Disaster Relief Bill

February 11, 2013

After no vote on the Senate’s Disaster Relief Appropriations Act at the end of last year, legislators were forced to rewrite the bill, which offered billions of dollars in aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy and the wildfires in states like Colorado. But the House of Representatives’ draft of the bill, which passed on January 29th, excluded the funding for Colorado. That bill offered $50.7 billion dollars in relief to individuals and businesses affected by Sandy.

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The Photo Atlas – “Stuck In A Honeytrap”

February 6, 2013

In a time when electronic dance music rules the airwaves, The Photo Atlas is refreshing proof that post-punk is still breathing and can serve the same demographic. Their unique style of danceable hardcore music has rocked bodies throughout Colorado and across the country. The band’s first full-length release, No, Not Me, Never, introduced these alternative rockers to the nation. Its fantastic follow-up, Stuck In A Honeytrap, is set to drop this month.

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