Album Review: RJD2 – “More Is Than Isn’t”

October 21, 2013

RJD2 is known for his talent when it comes to instrumental hip-hop music. You may have heard his music without realizing it in the theme to the AMC television show Mad Men. The smooth, catchy vibe exemplified in that track is what the artist does best, and it’s a strength that he brings to the table for his latest album, More Is Than Isn’t, to great effect.

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Album Review: Sleigh Bells – “Bitter Rivals”

“Noise pop” is a subgenre wholly unique and perfectly fitted to its namesake; this is music (put that term in quotations for some non-fans) that puts a lot more emphasis on distortion and electronics than it does actual melodies, but Sleigh Bells made the style work with their stellar debut album Treats, and again with Reign of Terror.

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Kofi Baker: In the Hands of a Son, the Spirit of Cream Beats On

October 15, 2013

Cream’s radiant spirit burns bright as their torch is carried to Greeley in the drumstick wielding hands of their own flesh and blood. Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience will be coming to town at The Moxi Theater on October 18th and it promises to be a show to remember. Kofi Baker, son of legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker, spoke to the idea of keeping the Cream tradition alive.

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Meet Northern Colorado’s Ghost Hunter: Karl Pfeiffer

October 12, 2013

Like all good writers, 24 year-old Colorado resident and author Karl Pfeiffer writes what he knows. However, unlike most of us, what he knows is ghosts. Karl is a lead paranormal investigator at the infamous Stanley Hotel, and was the winner of the first season of Ghost Hunters Academy, going on to shoot an episode of Ghost Hunters International in England.

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Elephant Revival: Writing Songs to Create Emotion

October 11, 2013

Since 2006 Elephant Revival has been traveling around the U.S. opening for bands such as the Dispatch, State Radio, String Cheese Incident, and many more. Composed of five multi-instrumentalists who all contribute to the songwriting process, Bonnie Pain, Sage Cook, Dango Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, and Bridget Law, this “transcendental folk” band combines bluegrass, country, indie rock, reggae, and jam band grooves.

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Review – “Gravity”

There’s some innate genius about the way director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) can juxtapose beauty with death and darkness. Gravity, a passion project over four years in the making, is yet another example of this skillful blend. It opens with text explaining, “Life in space is impossible.”

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