Music, Print, Reviews November 5, 2014

Album Review: Silver and Gold – Compression

by Alex Johnson

Silver and Gold
have been a Greeley talent treasure trove with bounds of musical silver, and surprise, surprise… gold. The five piece band features Davis Williams (drums),  Brandon Vela (bass),  Claire Jensen (keyboard/ vocals), Pie Lombardi (guitar/ vocals) and Devon Hildebrandt (guitar/ vocals). They just keep getting better. Their new EP, Compression is a direct reflection of how well they work together.

“Having a foundation has let us explore with new sounds a lot. Our biggest style change has been becoming more dynamic. We are starting to write entire songs together instead of just one member.” says Pie Lombardi, lead guitarist.

From the opening chords of “Peace,” Silver and Gold soars into an uplifting ballad that brings the listener above petty daily strife to come back to the center of it all. However we quickly dive into an excited sultry and dizzy wave of wall tumbling emotion with “Pilot.” “Strange Things” is a beautiful but a contemplative follow with lyrics like, “Oh how the stories read, they read like novels.” The words cause the listener to reflect on personal struggles where things are unknown and each step forward is an adrenaline rush.

silver“We’ve become more lyrically varied, and have started writing about a lot of different things. It has opened up our sound to more complex emotional pieces,” says Pie.

The most powerful song out of the EP is “Untitled,” but heart shaking. It’s about a loss of someone close. The best way to put it is that it achieves a healing heartbreak, ending with a call to let go. The level of soul is memorizing. “Our greatest triumph is just being able to make music among good friends in one of the most supportive communities around.”

Silver and Gold have been local for two years in April since their first show at Syntax Spirits, although their fluid artistic cohesion makes them seem much older. They have played a crucial role in Greeley’s changing music scene when hosting some of their first shows at The Moxi. They have opened for Hellogoodbye, and played with bands like Chain Gang of 1974, My Body Sings Electric, Night Riots, The Epilogues, In the Whale, and The Dig. Their closest inspirations and influences include Death Cab for Cutie, Local Natives, From Indian Lakes, The Wonder Years, and Daughter.

Silver and Gold’s new EP came out the 31st of October as they performed with Ben Pu and the Burroughs at The Moxi Theater. Any Greeleyite who has not been to one of Silver and Gold’s shows is missing out on some of the best music this town has to offer. Be a cultured smarty-pants and please support true local talent. Get in on these vast musical riches.

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