Kofi Baker: In the Hands of a Son, the Spirit of Cream Beats On

October 15, 2013

Cream’s radiant spirit burns bright as their torch is carried to Greeley in the drumstick wielding hands of their own flesh and blood. Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience will be coming to town at The Moxi Theater on October 18th and it promises to be a show to remember. Kofi Baker, son of legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker, spoke to the idea of keeping the Cream tradition alive.

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Album Review: The Ghoulies

July 9, 2013

Recently releasing their self-titled debut album, The Ghoulies’ multifaceted brand of rock is constituted by vocals reminiscent of ‘70s punk bands, guitar work that alternates between power chord punk, groove-oriented blues, and a rhythm section of bass and drums that invigorates a constant energy and excitement.

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Greeley Stampede Spotlight: Lynyrd Skynyrd

June 28, 2013

Everyone has a favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd jingle. Maybe it’s their ode to rural living, the instantly recognizable “Sweet Home Alabama.” Or it could be their deeply wise meditation on happiness and living seen in, “Simple Man.” Or maybe it should be what is arguably the greatest song in rock history, the ever eternally emotive epic, “Free Bird.”

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