Features, Print August 12, 2013

ARISE Music Festival: A Mission for Cultivation Through Art

by Alex Graff

full_604341-1024x630The transcendent spirit of the ‘60s is alive and in ascent thanks to the upcoming ARISE Music Festival. The event takes place at Loveland’s Sunrise Ranch starting on August 14th and runs all the way through the 18th.

Its title, while also being a simple embodiment of the festival’s over-arching theme, is actually an acronym that stands for: Activate. Reconnect. Interact. Synchronize. Empower. These are the ideals festival organizers seek to cultivate in various ways. The mission of the festival is to promote sustainability, connection, and consciousness through art, entertainment, and activism.
With a property that spans approximately 100 acres, the festival will feature five stages with an abundance of musicians, yogis, artists, activists, and visual performances, alongside workshops, seminars, films, and guest speakers.

Michael Franti PR Image 9540Among a multitude of acts that will be taking the stage, ARISE is headlined by the likes of Michael Franti and Spearhead, Xavier Rudd, Zap Mama, and Greensky Bluegrass. These artists and the varying musical styles they play are united in their shared pursuit of creating an uplifting and positive experience for their fans.

Michael Franti and many other artists in attendance share a passion for activism and eco-awareness, which is very much at the heart of the festival. So much so that there will even be theme camps scattered all around the complex which cultivate creative, eco-friendly communities. Some of which will be a Hemp Village, a Kids Village, and an Organic Food camp. Even the ranch in which the event is being held has been maintained as an organic farm since 1945.

Due to the event’s four day duration, accommodations for living must be made. For those who wish to attend the festival, there will be three options available in terms of how they can arrange living quarters. Visitors will be able to camp with a tent, camp with an RV, or there is also a limited number of onsite and offsite guest rooms. Many nearby hotels and bed and breakfast establishments are also available as options.

The ARISE Music Festival embodies the once great hippie spirit by virtue of its intention of raising the collective consciousness through art, activism, and connection.
“The music is like the fire and we all gather around it to warm our souls.” says Paul Bassis, Producer of ARISE. “Around the fire we also talk, exchange ideas and inspire one another. The intention of the event is to facilitate and amplify that inspiration into real life action.”

This sense of communal enlightenment and inspiration is a systemic evolution born out of the 60’s counter culture. At the core of this entire expansive experience being held in lovely Loveland is a set of values centered on community, nature, art, and truth. Despite the insatiably inequitable assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. that crippled the movement in 1968, the hippie spirit carries on.
This music festival is one of those rare events born out of a cosmic perspective, sewn in the ever-fertile fields of possibility, and harvested by souls seeking the kind of nourishment that lasts a lifetime. So on August 14th, when that first note reverberates and rings true to an audience of star children, and their cheers turn to a hum above, somewhere John Lennon and George Harrison will be smiling.

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