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New on 94.3 The X: ‘Songs You Need To Hear This Month’

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn
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K. FLAY – Blood in the Cut

On her YouTube channel, K. Flay says she wrote the song in her parents’ basement during a time in her life when she didn’t have an apartment, felt lost in love and had the ‘desire to feel ownership of pain.’ From one angst-fueled gal in Doc Martins and leather jacket to another – ‘Blood in the Cut’ is gritty, dark, no-B.S. And, be careful, because it could blow out the speakers in your Saturn…

JOSEPH – White Flag

Despite what the name may lead you to believe, Joseph is an all-female family affair. The Portland-based folk-rock group is less Haim, more First Aid Kit, and the three sisters’ first radio single, ‘White Flag,’ is the best addition you could make to your ‘get out of town’ weekender playlist this fall.

BLINK-182  – She’s Out of Her Mind

While Tom Delonge was out conducting extraterrestrial research for the Hillary Clinton campaign, the remaining members of Blink-182 dropped a new song. If I’m being honest, ‘Bored to Death’ left me feeling a little lukewarm to the band’s return, but I think things are looking up with the second single. ‘She’s Out of Her Mind’ is ‘The Rock Show’ of the band’s new album, California.  


Saint Motel doesn’t just get raving reviews from me because they brought a fan photo booth with them on the Saintmotelevision tour – but hey, it doesn’t hurt; we all know The X loves some photo booth time. ‘Move’ not only got a spot on 94.3 The X this month, but it was an instant add to my Friday night roller rink lineup.

PAPER ROUTE  – Chariots

‘Chariots’ could easily camouflage itself right into the track list on The 1975’s I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are so Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It . But, as Tumblr would say, ‘Lol, ur not Matt Healy.’ In the good company of COIN, Colony House and Judah and the Lion, Paper Route is yet another awesome alt-rock product of Nashville, Tennessee, and their dreamy, ambient synthpop single, ‘Chariots,’ is one you’ll hope you catch in the car.  

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