New on 94.3 The X, Print September 8, 2016

New on 94.3 The X: Songs You Need To Hear This Month

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn


Dreamers – Sweet Disaster

For anyone who dresses like The Rolling Stones, and dances like the Talking Heads while listening to some ‘young Ramones,’ you and I have a lot in common, and the latest track from Dreamers is a nod to you, too. Laced with nostalgic references, “Sweet Disaster” is the catchy new indie pop tune you need on your fall playlist.

The Griswolds – Out of My Head

‘A Special Message to Your Ex’ – Signed, The Griswolds.  In true upbeat and catchy –as-hell Griswolds fashion, ‘Out of My Head’ tells your former flame, ‘Yeah, I used to dig you, but now I think you suck. Stop calling me.’ Every time you hear the ‘special song’ that you two listened to together – don’t pick up your phone – get your ex out of your head by getting this song stuck in it.

Pierce the Veil – Circles

I’ll be honest, I immediately wrote off Pierce the Veil as a ‘Hot Topic band’ that I assumed wasn’t really going to be an alt-radio fit. Then, I ate my words for lunch. One of my radio acquaintances dubbed this a ‘Jimmy Eat World song that wasn’t written by Jimmy Eat World,’ which is completely true if we’re talking some early-2000s ‘Bleed American’-era stuff here, and you’ll dig it.

Judah & the Lion – Take It All Back

For everyone who likes folk-infused rock, but wishes that Mumford and Sons weren’t boring, your prayers have been answered. Judah & the Lion’s “Take It All Back” is best summed up by the band’s album name, Folk Hop ‘n Roll: a combination of  mandolin and speaker-blowing bass over a hip hop beat.

Green Day  – Bang Bang

The boys are back, and with a bang (bang), and the first single off of Green Day’s next studio album, which is set to be released in October. ‘Bang Bang’ was, as Billy Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone, written about our nation’s recent shootings and inspired by protest. It delivers that classic Green Day sound from the ‘90s, with the traditional punk rock ideals we saw in 2004’s American Idiot – political commentary and rebellion.

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