Music, Print, Reviews September 3, 2016

Album Review: The Circus House– Graceful Jungle

by Noel Billups

unspecified-3Graceful Jungle is the newest album from Denver pop collective, The Circus House. Consisting of members from, Ancient Elk, Candy Claws, and Retrofette the group is spearheaded by Armando Garibay, who is 1/2 the mastermind behind the songwriting and production team, The Blackout Beat. The Circus House brings their unique brand of ‘90s-esque pop to Denver and breathes a breath of fresh air into the music scene.

The backbone for this ten-track album is comprised of lush beats, synths, and spacey vocals that send you into a dreamy haze. Peppered with smooth saxophone solos, the songs sound like a distant memory of something you heard in an empty J.C. Penny’s as your mom was trying on new heels. The dreamy 90’s aesthetic works quite well for the group and is something that every millennial can bond over.

The opening track “Let Loose” seems to embody the title of the album as sweeping synths swirl around a world music type drum beat and highlight on the almost primal nature of letting loose of inhibitions and dancing. “Baby, It’s Time” and “Old Star” are easily the best tracks on the album that take their time and allow you to immersive sound in the sonic textures.

Graceful Jungle is not something that you’d expect to hear out of Denver, where the scene is currently saturated with indie and psych rock. There is not nearly as much representation when it comes to music that is willing to experiment or push the boundaries but it seems like that’s beginning to change. The Circus House strives to bring musicians together to create something fresh and new.

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