New on 94.3 The X, Print August 2, 2016


by Shelby Taylor-Thorn


The 1975 – Somebody Else

If you needed a post-breakup song, you can thank The 1975 for this. As sad and beautiful as Matt Healy is in the music video, it does such justice to that first time you saw a photo of your ex on Facebook with… somebody else; the first time you sat in the Alley Cat Café in the middle of the night, belligerently slamming coffee and throwing shade at the couple in the booth across from you.

The Struts – Put Your Money on Me

This song is like a perfect leather jacket: edgy, timeless and kind of hot. Glam rock is back, and this band deserves a lot of credit for slamming out hits that keep us reminiscing about what Jagger-era rock ‘n’ roll was like – and make us so comfortably attracted to men donning excessive amounts of glitter and eyeliner.

Grouplove – Welcome to Your Life  

The other night my neighbors had a raging house party and I think it got shut down after a noise complaint. I had no idea that any of this happened though, because it was the same day that Grouplove dropped this song, and I refused to part ways with my headphones all night. Following 2013’s ‘Ways to Go’ and ‘Shark Attack,’ I was expecting an off-the-wall new single in true Grouplove fashion. What we got instead was an emotionally-charged power ballad that is the most inspiring thing you’ll hear like, ever.

The Moth & The Flame – Red Flag

The Moth & The Flame is new to The X airwaves, but we were so excited to introduce them to Northern Colorado at the Aggie Theatre last month. You can now hear ‘Red Flag’ on The X, or find it on the album Young & Unafraid, which every time I plug into, I find myself feeling just that; a young millennial braving love, facing tribulation and taking on everything else in the ‘real world’ with aberrant confidence.

Coin – Talk Too Much

If you went to Denver Day of Rock earlier this summer, you may have seen the Nashville band, Coin. They’re four guys who are a little synthy, a little rocky, and their song ‘Talk Too Much,’ (though more catchy than sexy) is a welcome addition to any make out playlist. And don’t act like you don’t have one. I know you have one.

Panic! At the Disco – Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time

When I was in middle school, my mom had a B-52’s ‘greatest hits’ album in her car, so I’m incredibly well versed in ‘80s pop, and I know a ‘Rock Lobster’ guitar riff when I hear one. Little did I ever expect a rock band to sample something stashed in inside the console of my mom’s Honda, but they did, and it’s one that you can’t help but crank to the right. It’s the B-52’s literal ‘Song for a Future Generation,’ I guess.


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