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New on 94.3 The X: Songs You Need to Hear This Month

by Mollie Pearson


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Moon Taxi – “All Day All Night”

There’s a good reason this song gives you a hankering for an Egg McMuffin: McDonald’s chose the Nashville-based indie-progressive rock band’s musically delicious tune “All Day All Night” as their All Day Breakfast theme song. We chose to play it on 94.3 The X because, hell, we love Egg McMuffins. Oh, and the song is great, too.

Joywave – “Destruction”

Imagine if Nine Inch Nails and Justin Timberlake collaborated on a track – not only would that be oddly amazing, but they’d probably come up with a song like “Destruction,” Joywave’s grittier, angrier, but super-enjoyable follow-up single to upbeat “Tongues” and Big Data’s “Dangerous” (on which Joywave was featured).

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats – “I Need Never Get Old”

After “S.O.B.” went viral across the U.S. and Canada and climbed 18 different Billboard charts including the Billboard 200, Cannadian Hot 100, and Next Big Sound, Rateliff returns to his non-commercial sound and song structure that Coloradans grew to know and love in his follow-up single, “I Need Never Get Old.”

The Lumineers – “Ophelia”

With a pretty name like “Ophelia,” you’d assume this is a song about some chick a band member is hung up on – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lumineers co-founder Wesley Schultz explained the record is a “vague reference to people falling in love with fame.”


TRANSVIOLET – “New Bohemia”

They don’t yet have 10,000 Facebook “Likes” and TRANSVIOLET is taking the world by storm with their super catchy, bigtime dreamin’ Halsey-esque tune, “New Bohemia.” And with lyrics like “tryna get love, not tryna get rich,” this song could totally pass as Bernie Sanders’ unofficial campaign theme song for millennials.

New Beat Fund – Sikka Takin’ The Hard Way

We really dig this super catchy tune – which essentially means  this self-proclaimed G-punk (but really alt-pop) Los Angeles-based band is just the kind of flavor us ladies here at 94.3 The X deem worthy of dragging into the Pour Brothers photo booth to make fun mistakes with.

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