Gogol Bordello – An American Band Of Gypsies

December 21, 2018

Each member of Gogol Bordello’s multicultural melange grandstands throughout, exuding practically nuclear energy. From Russian-born Pelekh’s dizzying solos to Pedro Erazo’s spitfire Ecuadorian rapping en Español, native Ethiopian Thomas Gobena’s rich, reggae bass and more, the whole band take the spotlight with a prowess that commands respect, invigorating Gogol’s crazy crowds. Catch their New Year’s shows at The Aggie December 30, The Ogden December 28 and 29, and The Boulder Theater December 31.

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Misty Boyce – Lady Boss Among Lords

October 2, 2018

Misty Boyce is no stranger to big stages in Colorado. The New Mexico native has performed at Red Rocks, The Gothic Theater and plays a sold-out show at Denver’s Ogden Theater on October 5th, clocking more performance time than the headliner. How? By not quitting her day job. “If I’ve had a big break it was playing with Sara Bareilles. It was life-changing. That propelled me into a sphere of musicians that elevated everything.”

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January 20, 2016

Ramble Jon Krohn, better known as producer RJD2, was born in Eugene, Oregon, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where he met other artists affiliated with the Ohio hip-hop scene such as Blueprint and fellow MHz rapper Copywrite. His debut album, Deadringer, was a flawless masterpiece that put him on the map and eventually catapulted his career to new heights.

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Vandaveer Speaks About Their New Album and the History of Murder Ballads

June 7, 2013

Vandaveer treats the album with regard for the world the songs came out of. Heidinger’s spirited vocals and strong arrangements never shy far from the roots of the music, but without a doubt, Vandaveer’s take on these traditional songs is fresh and enjoyable. It is backing vocalist Rose Guerin who gives the songs a sense of their past as she gives a passionate and motherly voice to the female characters who are in most of the songs the victim of the violence.

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Feed Me “with Teeth” Chomps Into The Ogden

February 14, 2013

Jon Gooch, famous in the electronic dance music scene as Feed Me, performed at the Ogden Theater on Tuesday, February 12th. The 29-year-old DJ, originally from England, conducted his show “Feed Me with Teeth” for all his dedicated Colorado fans. Even though the concert was on a Tuesday night the line to get in the Ogden wrapped around the block.

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Bloc Party Rocks the Ogden

January 24, 2013

[slideshow gallery_id=”1″] Bloc Party played a killer show at the Ogden Theater in Denver on Tuesday (January 22nd) to a severely stoned audience. (I’ve never seen and smelled that much cannabis at a concert before. …

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