Features, Music February 14, 2013

Feed Me “with Teeth” Chomps Into The Ogden

by John Hann

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Jon Gooch, famous in the electronic dance music scene as Feed Me, performed at the Ogden Theater on Tuesday, February 12th. The 29-year-old DJ, originally from England, conducted his show “Feed Me with Teeth” for all his dedicated Colorado fans. Even though the concert was on a Tuesday night the line to get in the Ogden wrapped around the block.

Mord Fustang warmed the crowd up with some bass-heavy tracks that got the crowd moving faster and faster. But the crowd’s anticipation for Jon Gooch to hit the stage became apparent as fans began to chant repeatedly “FEED ME!” in the moments before the DJ came on. With the crowd packed shoulder-to-shoulder, the venue filled with ecstatic screams, and non-stop dancing, Feed Me’s incredible light show and dirty beats rocked his fans. The world-renowned artist grabbed his audience from start to finish and left them screaming for more throughout the entire night.

Feed Me continues his U.S. tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Honolulu. In March, however, Feed Me will head to several cities in Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and end his world tour on April 2nd in Santiago, Chile. Colorado’s lucky Feed Me fans got to see a fantastic show on Tuesday night that will not soon be forgotten.

Photos by Daniel Madsen.

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