Album Review: The Wild After – Lesson Learned

April 9, 2014

People who consume music on a casual basis don’t realize what a strange process it is to start a band. Local acts are constantly splitting, joining, or reinventing themselves. So when former members of The Heyday, Randall Kent and Ryan Buller, teamed up with a new rhythm section comprised of Jesse Spencer and Chris Beeble in October last year, it wasn’t anything unusual. What is unusual is the remarkable sounds they’re making in such a short time together. Their new EP, Lesson Learned, is releasing late March. Fortunately we got a streaming preview to let you know why you should check it out.

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Meet Northern Colorado’s Ghost Hunter: Karl Pfeiffer

October 12, 2013

Like all good writers, 24 year-old Colorado resident and author Karl Pfeiffer writes what he knows. However, unlike most of us, what he knows is ghosts. Karl is a lead paranormal investigator at the infamous Stanley Hotel, and was the winner of the first season of Ghost Hunters Academy, going on to shoot an episode of Ghost Hunters International in England.

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