Music, Print, Reviews July 6, 2021

Single Review: Slow Caves – “Before I Leave”

by Laura Giagos

When Slow Caves puts out a track, the Colorado music scene collectively gazes on in awe. Their first release since last year’s single “Walk in the Park,” Slow Caves has returned with “Before I Leave,” a ‘90s post-psychedelic stroll through the minds of the Mueller brothers. As a song it parallels how we’re feeling, now that things are returning to normal: purposeful, sullen, energetic, contemplative, and downright ready to rock. 

Cleverly produced, it’s a positive and creative new course for the band. Stepping out of the dream pop genre and showing signs of something different, it’s a good time to be a Slow Caves fan.

Listen to a preview of “Before I Leave” below – click here to stream the full track on the platform of your choice!