Print, Reviews March 1, 2018

Album Review: Tyja3 – 3Piece

by BandWagon Magazine

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sit down with Tyja3’s newly released project 3Piece. Tyja3 bleeds hyphy and embodies fun on the project, bringing a very new school vibe to old-school braggadocio bars and flow. Even the deeper track “TML” keeps the momentum of the feel-good vibes while still giving a story of facing adversity. For old heads on the search for a nostalgia kick, tracks like “Dope” and “Forces” give the feeling that Tyja3 just snatched the mic from the DJ and started spittin’ his heart out.

Like any other project, there are ups and downs. You might not love everything on 3Piece, but everyone can find something to love. To prove my point, the song “Moxi” is very reminiscent of early Hollywood Undead songs; a totally different genre from the rest of the record. Praise to Tyja3 for covering everyone from MCs to the emo kids chilling at smoker’s corner. From the bars to the hooks that caught me off guard, I wasn’t ever really bored listening to this project.

If you’re an artist setting out to make this kind of music, 3Piece sets the standard. Strive to make your project at the very least live up to this one. I know a lot of people making this “concert” type of music – none seemed to have kept me listening the entire way through like this one did. However, I hope Tyja3 decides to get more personal in the future on his projects. That’s coming from someone who respects and enjoys what he’s doing. Go listen for yourself and share around. Your local music scene is waiting for you to discover what it has to offer.