Music, Print, Reviews January 1, 2018

Album Review: False Report – Your Addiction Sleeps Tonight

by Noel Billups

Your Addiction Sleeps Tonight is the newest EP from Denver based pop-punk band False Report. The four-piece has steadily been putting out quality releases since they released Same Mistakes in 2016.

The EP is deeply personal with intricate instrumentation. The opening track, “Submerged,” coasts along at a solid mid-tempo, driven by Joe Bruno and Coty Eikenberg on drums and bass respectively. Lead singer and guitarist Alan Andrews delivers catchy melodies that flow over their intricate guitar work. Towards the end of the song, Andrews lets loose with his vocals, saving his screams for only the most intense parts of the music.

The following track, “Thrown Away,” may be the most typical “pop-punk” sounding song on the EP, but the band spices things up. While most of the songs have a minor tonality, the verses and chorus of this song take advantage of a major key, giving it that “pop” energy. The pre-chorus introduces tension with dissonance before resolving into the chorus. In this way they introduce interesting harmony into pop-punk making for their distinct sound.

Right smack dab in the middle is one of the best songs on the EP, “Balcony.” Its high energy and in your face with solid guitar riffs backed by tight playing from the drums and bass. The song’s key also perfectly suits Andrew’s voice. It embodies everything this band is about in a neat little package coming in just under 3:15.

False Report is a solid band and Your Addiction Sleeps Tonight is a solid EP. If you’re a fan of pop-punk you’ll definitely dig it. Be sure to catch their EP release on Thursday, January 11th at the Marquis Theater in Denver.