Print, Reviews July 1, 2018

Album Review: I Am The Owl – A Mission to Civilize: Part II

by Michael Olivier

I Am The Owl’s newest release is for longtime fans of the Fort Collins punk/metal band and new listeners alike. Recorded at the Blasting Room, a heavy hitting local recording studio readers should familiarize themselves with (if you haven’t already), A Mission to Civilize: Part II rips. Fans of the hybrid genre will dig the searing guitars and signature “tight, but huge” drums.

Following up their first release, A Mission to Civilize: Part I, the new drop expands on I Am The Owl’s galvanizing sound with much-welcomed production value increase. Fans of local DIY punk rock, don’t let that turn you off. Andrew Berlin’s work on the EP does nothing but justice to the edgy and aggressive guitar, bass, and drum tones we all crave. This allows Josh Rivera and Kyle Krueckeberg’s vocals to tear through in a new way that’s sure to get you pumped.

I find myself coming back to the fourth track on the album, “You Haven’t Fooled Me.” The middle of the tune features a massive, almost progressive rock instrumental section that plays heavily with dynamics, shifting drum grooves, and multiple tasty guitar licks for those local ear-candy seekers. The contemplative but assertive nature of the instruments compliments the equally contemplative but assertive nature of the lyrics throughout the EP.

On a personal note, I don’t think the importance of raw, socially conscious, heavy local music can be understated. In a scene crowded by the types of bands who have whistling sections, drum on suitcases, and “know one of The Lumineers personally,” I Am The Owl is a shot in the arm for those who need music that makes them wanna f*ck on the floor and break sh*t. Their sound is loud, socially conscious, positive, and most importantly, honest.

I for one am looking forward to continuing to follow the band and you should too. Catch I Am The Owl at the Demise Music Festival on August 4th at The Downtown Artery in Ft. Collins.