Crítica del álbum: La Deriva— Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla, un grupo musical originado de Tres Cantos, Madrid, es reconocido por sus melodías de género rock alternativo. Desde el ’98 esta banda de seis miembros ha estado participando en concursos musicales estatales, tocando en conciertos de radio y de beneficio, publicando álbumes y demos, y girando por todo el mundo presentando sus discos estilo indie español.

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new Music Monday: Tyler, The Creator — CHERRY BOMB

April 20, 2015

24 year old rapper/producer/writer, and founding member of the Odd Future hiphop collective, Tyler, The Creator is without a doubt, one of hip hop’s most controversial figures. Exploding onto people’s desktops with the infamous “Yonkers” music video, Tyler would go on to release two albums full of the pervasive, bludgeoned horror-core he would come to be known for, Yonkers and Bastard. Though in 2013, with the release of Wolf, Tyler dropped the horror-core facade, in favor of a jazzier, more main-stream sound that capitalized on the snot-nosed braggadocio Odd Future does so well, while still leaving room for the best storytelling we’ve received from the rapper so far. As big of a departure as Wolf was, Cherry Bomb is from Wolf.

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Album Review: Sequential—The Panoramic

April 19, 2015

Sequential is the brutal, five track EP released in December 2014 by progressive metalcore band The Panoramic. The band is comprised of four extremely talented musicians from around Colorado, with half of the band being Greeley residents, although they claim to be based out of Fort Collins. To keep things interesting, the band also draws from a multitude of different influences ranging from world music to spoken word.

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Album Review: Wild Onion Twin Peaks

April 18, 2015

To dismiss Twin Peaks simply because they share a name with an old television show beloved by some and forgotten by others would be a mistake. Indeed, the Chicago quartet is rudimentary at face value, but the second the disc starts spinning they reveal their true colors as something much more exciting and special. Their newest LP, Wild Onion, is an entertaining piece that keeps things relatively grounded to huge success.

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