BandWagon Choice Awards at The Moxi Theater

June 21, 2015

This weekend marked the first annual Bandwagon People’s Choice Awards hosted at the Moxi Theater. Modeled after, you guessed it, the People’s Choice Awards, Greeley’s own music and culture magazine founded the event in order to recognize your favorite bands and the people who are transforming the Northern Colorado music scene.

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Album Review: Silver and Gold – Compression

November 5, 2014

Silver and Gold have been a Greeley talent treasure trove with bounds of musical silver, and surprise, surprise… premium gold. The five star band features Davis Williams (drums), Brandon Vela (bass), Claire Jensen (keyboard/ vocals), Pie Lombardi (guitar/ vocals) and Devon Hildebrandt (guitar/ vocals). They just keep getting better. Their new EP, Compression is a direct reflection of how well they work together.

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