Community, Concert Photos, Music June 21, 2015

BandWagon Choice Awards at The Moxi Theater

by Dylan Adams

This weekend marked the first annual Bandwagon People’s Choice Awards hosted at the Moxi Theater. Modeled after, you guessed it, the People’s Choice Awards, Greeley’s own music and culture magazine founded the event in order to recognize your favorite bands and the people who are transforming the Northern Colorado music scene.

Local musicians were honored in the categories of album of the year, best new artist, best solo act, best band and the lifetime achievement award. Presenting awards for the evening Greelberties such as Daniel Mothershed, Armando Silva, Jed Murphy, The Burroughs and Ely Corliss took the stage to handout the first ever Greeleys, which very fittingly were gracious golden cows. Between awards the audience enjoyed performances from nominees such as Primary People, Ben Pu and Crew, Silver and Gold, Racing on the Sun, Disguise the Silence and The Burroughs.

The dress to impress event began as a moderately comical award ceremony, but in all seriousness it was a transformative time for members of the local music scene to gratefully enjoy one another and soak in the praise. While their slaving away at the next big album, dedicating life and limp to make their dreams a reality, the people are here to say that you’re craft doesn’t go unnoticed.

Album of the year: Silver and Gold
Solo artist: Giants and Pilgrims
Best New Band: Hypnotic Vibes
Band of the Year: Silver and Gold
Lifetime Achievement: Ben Pu
Godfather of the Greeley Music Scene: Ely Corliss


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