Album Review: The Crooked Rugs – THAT!

October 5, 2021

There is a cultural, dad-inherited fondness for flipping through AM radio channels while driving late at night. The Crooked Rugs’ new LP, THAT! is what you’ve been searching for on that AM dial all of these years – something that manages to sound otherworldly and familiar at the same time, drawing from every era of psychedelic rock.

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Single Premiere: Chess At Breakfast – Paper Crane

November 29, 2018

“From soft and subtle, gradually building with spacey synth leads to an all-out head bang, complete with a Gilmour-esque guitar solo and vocal effects spiced in for grungy flavor.” Stream the exclusive premiere of Paper Crane below, read the full review HERE and catch Chess At Breakfast Saturday, December 1 at Magic Rat in Fort Collins with Bright Silence and December 6 at The Moxi Theater in Greeley.

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Album Review: The Baltic

July 9, 2016

These days, there seems to be no shortage of new psych rock bands that are worth checking out, and today that band is The Baltic. Hailing from good ol’ Denver, Colorado, the band is comprised of drummer/singer Graham Epstein, guitarist/vocalist Adam Dankowski, guitarist Ari Kononov, and bassist Josh Kaplan who have been playing together since high school. They are a force to be reckoned with having just recently signed a record deal with Misra records and releasing their trippy, new EP: Archipelago.

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