New Music Monday: Alabama Shakes — Sound & Color

April 27, 2015

If fans were worried about the band resting on laurels on their second time around, they need not be. Sound & Color is a noticeably more challenging collection of tunes. What made B&G so great was its immediacy. The second you put in the headphones, it was as if the songs coming through had been on your “most listened to” for years. Sound & Color finds the band leaving one foot in their Southern rock roots, and planting the other in soul and blues. While the lead singles, “Gimme All Your Love,” “Don’t Wanna Fight,” and “Future People,” highlighted the electric Brittany Howard’s ability to send hooks screaming into your long term memory, the majority of the tracks require a little more patience.

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Crítica del álbum: La Deriva— Vetusta Morla

April 21, 2015

Vetusta Morla, un grupo musical originado de Tres Cantos, Madrid, es reconocido por sus melodías de género rock alternativo. Desde el ’98 esta banda de seis miembros ha estado participando en concursos musicales estatales, tocando en conciertos de radio y de beneficio, publicando álbumes y demos, y girando por todo el mundo presentando sus discos estilo indie español.

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The Amazing Deborah Brown

April 16, 2015

From Kansas City, Missouri to the farthest borders of Indonesia, renowned jazz soul singer Deborah Brown has been establishing footholds in contemporary jazz for over thirty years. Her discography expands 26 albums and as jazz is inevitably a list of collaborations, Brown’s book includes legends such as pianist Monty Alexander, trombonist Slide Hampton, double-bassist Red Mitchell and trumpeter Clark Terry among others. All big names aside, Brown has made her own path in jazz and although her music isn’t as prevalent on American radio, with good reason she doesn’t mind that her talent has a greater influence on the international jazz community.

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The Legendary Chris Potter

April 13, 2015

Chris Potter is no stranger to hard work and the nature of the beast that is the professional jazz world. With over fifteen album releases and 150 guest spots on records of some of the most prolific musicians in the industry (a list that includes Steeley Dan for all you non-jazz heads out there) Chris Potter sits in the top echelon of saxophonists in an ever changing and modernizing international scene.

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New Music Monday: Death Grips – On GP

March 16, 2015

Death Grips fans rejoice! We have been eagerly (and impatiently) awaiting the release of the hiphop trio’s “final” album for quite some time now. After splitting up in July, the band promised the 2nd half of their final album by the end of the year. If you’re reading this, I don’t have to tell you that MC Ride and crew squelched on their promise. After the release of the unexpected Fashion Week LP, and numerous release date changes, it appears as though Death Grips has finally settled on a release date, and they mean to keep it. Jenny Death, the 2nd half of the powers that b, will be release March 17th. This Tuesday. Like I said, rejoice.

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New Music Monday: Alabama Shakes — Don’t Wanna Fight

February 16, 2015

In 2012, Alabama locals Brittany Howard, Zac Cockrell, Steve Johnson, and Heath Fogg released their debut album, Boys & Girls. What began as a trickle, soon became an unstoppable waterfall of fandom for the band. The album snagged them a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, as well as a headlining spot at the awards in 2013. This week, Alabama Shakes has announced their wildly anticipated sophomore album, Sound & Color. “Don’t Wanna Fight” is a smoky, sexy take on the band’s trademark bluesy rock vibe.

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NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Ryan Bingham — Fear and Saturday Night

January 26, 2015

Think about classic country. People like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Merle Hagard, Dolly Parton. What do you think of? Soulful and sad melodies, and (depending on who you’re listening to) some politically tinged lyrics. Like it or not, country music is a big part of American culture and American music. If you consider yourself a true music lover, its important to give it a chance (if you haven’t already). When you do, you get people like Ryan Bingham.

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