Pregled kazina u Srbiji

August 17, 2021

Dobro ste dosli na veb stranicu Casino Point RS – vas glavni izvor pregleda najpopularnijih virtuelnih kazina u Srbiji. Mi vam pruzamo najpotpunije i najpouzdanije informacije o kazinima u Srbiji kako biste doneli optimalni izbor …

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The Infamous LP hits Edge Fest with Irreverent, Vulnerable Pop

August 13, 2021

“I don’t think they could deal with what I looked like and what I sounded like,” LP tells BandWagon.

“Jay-Z was there and L.A. Reid and everybody. They made me perform three or four songs in completely disparate directions. I was one of the artists dropped at the end of the session.”

Fourteen years later, LP is at the height of her career as an international pop star. She has billions of streams to her name and devout fans from Italy to Poland, Mexico and all over the world.

“It went from ‘who do you think you are?’ to ‘who are you?’,” she said.

On August 28, LP brings her irreverent, vulnerable, one-of-a-kind pop to Edge Fest; a free show in Cheyenne’s West Edge District with special guest Tai Verdes.

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Roll Over Reverend: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band clings to nostalgia for Hard Times

August 12, 2021

The Reverend Peyton always had an appetite for nostalgia – everything from the traditional country blues that influenced his guitar picking, to the vintage 1950’s outfits he and his wife Breezy wear on stage. Those touches complement their rowdy rockabilly and southern roots sound, so the Rev decided to take it all the way on his new album. He recorded it using the best technology available in the 1950’s. That meant analog. If you don’t know what that means, go ask your grandfather or any recording engineer worth their weight in two inch tape.

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Album Review: Southern Avenue – Be The Love You Want

August 11, 2021

At their best live, Southern Avenue finds enough soul, R&B and pop to please middling blues fans while maintaining enough roots and respect for the genre to satisfy hardcore blues veterans. 

The Memphis-based band’s virtuosity and energy on ‘Be The Love You Want’ is pronounced and the album is a joy. The title track hits like a wallop, and “Move Into The Light,” (a co-write with Jason Mraz) is better than 95 percent of what’s on the radio. The production seems louder, tougher and sharper, with brassy horns and a clearer sound than their previous release ‘Keep On.’

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