Music, Print, Reviews August 26, 2021

Single Review: Griffith James – “Market and Black” (feat. Tennis)

by Laura Giagos

Former Denver artist, now Los Angeles resident Griffith James made a name for himself (particularly in Colorado) with his previous project Inner Oceans, where his exploration of different sonic soundscapes set him apart from the run-of-the-mill Colorado indie rock bands.

Now living in L.A., James has released his most noteworthy song yet, “Market and Black,” which features Colorado legends Tennis on backup vocals. This folky groove, with James’s almost Simon and Garfunkel vocal, feels removed from the modern era in an off putting yet infectious way. Like his work with Inner Oceans, James’s choice of production plays a big part in how compelling his music is, showing an ability to be subtly unique in an oversaturated world of unique sounding artists. Look for James’ full-length release Comfortably High on September 17.