Los Mocochetes: 105.5 The Colorado Sound Featured Artist, December 2021

by Kevin Johnston
Photos by Anthony Maze

Los Moccochetes, Denver’s award-winning latin funk band, springs from a group of highschool friends and acquaintances from the music and poetry scene. The raw, “la famiglia” vibe is potent both on stage and in their new, multi-lingual, socially conscious EP Mucho Gusto. Los Moccochetes are here to party for the right to fight.

“At some point in 2014 we decided to unify and create together,” vocalist Jozer Guerrero tells BandWagon. “At the time we were all hungry and ready to take over the world. Today we have matured quite a bit. We don’t just see this as a group of friends jamming, we see this as a career – an opportunity to spread our message – but also a brotherhood. A family, always there to hold each other accountable and make each other better humans.”

The group released the punk-leaning, latin party EP Mucho Gusto October 23, frankly because Los Moccochetes love throwing parties and most of the members are scorpios with birthdays at that time. Plus, they were ready to release and celebrate these tunes and get started working on the next project. That work will no doubt be a blend of social consciousness, community engagement and super fun shows, the likes of which have earned the group many accolades over the years.

“It’s a blessing to get recognized by our community,” bassist Eli Montoya says. “As a band we never discussed winning awards or sought after it. It just all kind of happens in due time. I feel like when we’re out there doing work for the community, the community sees our message and makes sure to show up and support us,” he says. “It just feels like all of our hard work is paying off.”

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