Jyemo Club: 105.5 The Colorado Sound’s Featured Artist

by Kevin Johnston

“From my own experiences, I’ve always wished more people from this country would listen to music that is not sung in English,” Jonny Jyemo tells BandWagon. 

“There is so much out there. Language should not be a barrier, but an invitation to connect. We are becoming increasingly connected around the world –  I wanted to present that in a musical way,” he says. 

Jyemo is the founder of Jyemo Club, a Colorado band based on a simple, inclusive idea: a concert where people from anywhere in the world would feel welcome. Where beats invite dancing and lyrics are felt beyond language. The Club has so many varying backgrounds that they can only be described as universal. 

With musicians hailing from Havana, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mexico and the US, the global vibes are front and center. It’s the band’s mantra and part of the story behind their formation.

“As a working musician, I am lucky enough to play many different kinds of music with people from all over the world,” Jyemo says. “Naturally you are going to make friends and form musical bonds.”

He says nearly half of the band’s lyrics are in Spanish, though with the nature of their live shows, that can change depending on where the music takes them.

“We’re definitely known as bilingual music,” Jyemo says, citing their March 25 Reggae en Español release “Volar Volar” featuring Whitney Hernandez. “This one shows our raza latina side.”

“This is an exciting time for us,” he says. “With the help of Color Red Music, we’ll be putting out a new song every month from our upcoming record EPocha.”

In late April, they will release “Irie In the Morning” their first recording with the full 9 piece band. “Usually our studio output includes a select few members. This time we were able to put the whole Club on it and it came out super powerful – the true Jyemo Club sound.”

The Club weaves a tapestry of reggae, drum & bass, and Latin rhythms, covering themes that speak to humanity – from our low points to our triumphs – in more than one mother tongue.

 “When all is hopeless, choose love,” Jyemo says. “The future is multilingual and multicultural. Let’s start now.”

Check out Jyemo Club at www.sweetwinegroup.com and hear them on the air at 105.5 The Colorado Sound.