Music, Print, Reviews August 27, 2021

Single Review: Silver & Gold – Saving Face

by Laura Giagos

BandWagon Magazine’s favorite band Silver & Gold are at it again, and instead of going home, they went big. Over their steadily growing body of work, there was always a common thread of a band struggling to find the middle ground between being heavy and being soulful. With “Saving Face,” dare we say, they’ve found it.

Blasting through this three minute and twenty-two second track, Silver & Gold dialed in a beautifully raucous sound where everything is cranked to eleven yet vocalists Devon Hildebrandt and Claire Jensen’s voices soar over the top. It’s almost as if they’ve stopped giving a shit, and it’s a great look for these former Greeley indie rockers.

Catch Silver & Gold at Friday, September 10 at The Block Party, a free, outdoor multi-stage festival on 9th Street plaza in downtown Greeley featuring Wildermiss, Trash Cat, Lady Denim, The Cuddies and much more. Click here for details.