Music, Premieres, Print February 11, 2021

Single Premiere: Pie Lombardi – “Some People”

by Kevin Johnston

Northern Colorado’s Pie Lombardi presents his finest work to date with the moving single “Some People,” which premieres today exclusively via BandWagon, below.

Etching honesty into the stone of post-emo indie rock reminiscent of Silver & Gold (of which he is a founder) Lombardi finds a new musical space, distinct in its everyman delivery and folk-song realism.

On this effort, Lombardi shines as the humble leader of a bar room chorus shouting the refrain “Walking forward staring at the ground – saw you blame the world when you fell down.” It’s a rally cry of calling it like it is, marking a highpoint of Lombardi’s keen ability to be direct.

Pie Lombardi releases “Some People” worldwide tomorrow, February 12. Click here to pre-save. Photos by Jae Melville.

The chorus of voices is only part of the personnel lifting the song from solo to nearly symphonic. Dan Salisbury’s brilliant drumming puts an angular, polyrhythmic spin on the outset of the tune’s arpeggiated keyboard via synth wizard/audio engineer Noel Afan Billups (ssiigghh, it’s just bugs, Bright Silence). Mickey Postillion joins Lombardi in building a golden wall of guitar shimmer and Samantha Brewer reinforces the vocal rally cry. The Blasting Room’s Chris Beeble provides bass, mixing, engineering and well earned producer’s credit.

“Well’s running empty for shit that I can say,” Lombardi laments through a working man’s tightly clenched jaw. But “Some People” is clear evidence that it ain’t.

Pie Lombardi releases “Some People” worldwide tomorrow, February 12. Pre-save it here. Photos by Jae Melville

Support Pie Lombardi by clicking here to pre-save “Some People” for tomorrow’s worldwide release on all platforms. Today only, listen to it exclusively at below!