Music, Print, Reviews July 8, 2021

Single Review: Lady Denim – “Old & New”

by Laura Giagos

Bright, energetic and bursting with pop polish has been the name of the game for Fort Collins indie rockers Lady Denim and it’s paying off. Releasing one of their sharpest songs yet, they take a stab in the right direction with “Old & New.”

The track is a new type of pop for them, showing a band that continues to evolve with each release, not only in musical style but in production level as evidenced in the quartet’s multi-media blitz of late. “Old & New”s theme of romantic nostalgia embedded in tightly-orchestrated pop rock could be a touch mono-thematic for some listeners, but the color scheme suits the look and bands with a clear aesthetic have a history of doing very well in Northern Colorado. Expect a lot more Lady Denim in your summer collection this year – start by trying on the slick, must-see “Old & New” video, below.

Make sure to be seen at Globe Hall on July 17 as Lady Denim support Holdfast on night 2 of a two-night run.