Music, Reviews May 12, 2021

Single Review: NGHT WLVES – “C’est La Vie”

by Laura Giagos

Northern Colorado synth-hop trio NGHT WLVS have made the most out of the quarantine life. While a lot of artists have struggled to not lose themselves in the madness of isolation, NGHT WLVS have successfully kept a steady stream of singles pumping out all through 2020 and now well into 2021. 

Their latest, “C’est La Vie,” clearly shows them taking the things they’ve learned through 2020 and stepping up their game. Staying true to their synth-hop nature, the beat is crisp and pristine. And while they’ve settled into a glam aesthetic of the 1980s, they’ve found a home for themselves in a modern take on hip hop.

Check out “C’est La Vie” via below: