Music, Print, Reviews July 9, 2020

Album Review: David Burchfield – State To State

by Valerie Vampola

Whether it’s your first time going on a hike since lockdown, or an anticipated camping trip, David Burchfield’s album State to State makes for a proper soundtrack to a mountain getaway. He combines elements of Americana, Country, and traditional Celtic to set the scene for a night around the campfire. 

Burchfield utilizes acoustic guitars, fiddle, and percussive brushes for his Americana and western folk vibe. He continues to set the mood by singing with a vocal quality that reminds the listener of Woody Guthrie. 

Songs like the opening and title track “State to State” show that this folk style is his fluent language, but he isn’t afraid to change things up a little bit. Burchfield brings a harder edge with “Way It Goes,” reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” by using a more rock and electric sound. He also includes an instrumental, a cover of the old-time fiddle tune “Midnight on the Water.” 

Burchfield, however, mostly chooses acoustic textures and softer percussion to create intimate settings with songs like “By the Coast.” He brings listeners in further by communicating honest, nuanced feelings: In “Dishes in the Sink,” he explains the frustrations and dissatisfactions he’s experiencing in moving to a new city with his lover, while he still wants to bring a smile to her face with simple acts of service.

State to State feels like a living room show, and reminds listeners of simpler times, where people just played music and shared personal stories to connect with each other. Song-filled gatherings around a campfire after a long day of exploration in the mountains feel like a far-off dream these days, but State to State brings it to the here and now.

David Burchfield is the musical opening act for the International Trail Running Film Festival tomorrow, July 11 at 6:15 PM. Click here to buy tickets and watch on the web!