Reviews October 31, 2017

BandWagon Release: Bitter Suns – Surfin’ With Scoob

by Jed Murphy

If anyone knows how to get weird in the Northern Colorado music scene for Halloween it’s going to be the dudes from Bitter Suns. Staying true to themselves and the season, Bitter Suns released a new instrumental single called “Surfin’ With Scoob”, a fun and spooky horror surf rock tune inspired by doom metal and everyone’s favorite monster hunting, crime solving dog.

Produced by Alan Hlavakec from the Fort Collins outfit Attack on Venus, “Surfin’ With Scoob” channels all the things we want on Halloween and completely avoids the Thriller-esque cliches we’re all tired of hearing every time October comes around. Give it a listen here and make sure you add it to all your favorite super scary playlists.