Music, Print, Reviews January 6, 2017

Album Review: The Caveat– Self-Titled

by Stefan Lopez

With powerhouse bands like Animals as Leaders, Chon, and Russian Circles storming the music scene, it’s clear that the art of constructing instrumental music better left for the prodigies who hide away in the shadows making sweet love to their instruments for days on end.

The Caveat is composed of these prodigies who share this intimate supercharge with us muggles. I wouldn’t be surprised to find bassist Nik Schafer in the gym busting crunches and practicing minor scales at the same time. Their newest record comes out on the 6th of January at the Marquis Theater in Denver, and I’m elated to say that I got my hands on it to give you the heads up on what you’re missing out on. Both dreamy and hellish, the first track “Transversal” sends listeners on an expedition that begins with single cell organisms and ends in the final line of angels giving up the gates of heaven to the demons of a distant multiverse.

Throughout the record I found myself without the ability to satisfy my predictions. The Caveat continues to elude my expectations and hit me with a riff I can’t help but knock between my ears throughout the day. Front to back this record is consistent, and The Caveat does well as an instrumental band. However, there are certain moments across the record where vocals would totally kick ass. Either way, this band is worth every penny you pay for coffee every morning and instead of thinning your enamel for a couple days, you should purchase a ticket, this record, and a t-shirt at their CD release show mentioned above.

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