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Album Review: Roy Catlin & The Dudes

by Zach Shepherd

roy caitlin

“I’ve always been interested in the concept of fate because I believe there are two sides to it. I believe there’s a side you can control and that side is your thoughts and actions. The way you think and act can definitely have an effect on your fate for better or worse. I also believe there’s a side of fate you can’t control and have to learn to accept.”

We sat down with Roy Catlin and the Dudes’ very own, Roy Catlin, to discuss the release of his latest EP, Was It Life? Recorded at Hahn Audio in Aurora, Colorado by Taylor Hahn, these tracks were intended to be unique from anything else the group had ever created.

“We wanted this EP to be different sonically than anything we had done in the past so we decided to switch some things up and record a rock album, but using only acoustic guitars as the rhythm tracks,” says Catlin. “Michael Kinney (drums) wrote all of his drum parts for the record just based off of acoustic demos I would send him and our guitarist Joel spent a lot of time finding a way to fit his style around my acoustic guitar at our practices.”

The three-track EP takes the listener on an introspective journey. Each song dances around a new theme of bouts an individual can have with themselves in their own mind. Starting the record off is a song called “The Future. This track focuses on how one must accept their past in order to progress into the next steps of life. The next track, “”Pawn,” takes on a darker theme. “It deals with the cycles we go through in life that hold us back; whether it be addiction, self doubt, or any other detriment that keeps you from attaining your true purpose,” says Catlin. Additionally, this track features up and coming rap artist Big Koast.

The final and title track of the EP deals with one’s destiny.  “It’s about coming to a point in your life where your whole past makes sense in regards to the person you have become,” Catlin states. “Life constantly puts us through ups and downs and sometimes we have to experience things we may not like going through, but as long as you know who you are in your mind and heart and continue to stay true to your path you’ll end up exactly where you need to be.”

This EP is just the beginning for Roy Catlin and the Dudes. “Right now our main focus is playing live as much as possible and refining our performance. We’re continuing to write and grow as a band and friends and I’m also in the process of setting up my own home studio from which we will self produce and engineer or next release. We’re constantly striving to become better musicians and to challenge each other in whatever we pursue with this project and we plan to continue in those habits.”

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