Music, Print, Reviews June 6, 2016

Album Review: Gleemer– Moving Away

by Jed Murphy



Loveland, Colorado is a strange place. Situated conveniently on the I-25 corridor, it is simultaneously too far from anything cool and perfectly located between many awesome things to do. A true Colorado city, life in Loveland can be quiet, suburban, and scenic. But like everywhere else, when you mix these things together you get a reaction and often it is an artistic response to the loneliness and the self-imposed isolation of living in what can feel like a suburb of a suburb. The four-piece dream pop outfit Gleemer is that reaction.

Hailing Loveland as their home, Gleemer earns their dream pop label as their sound walks a fine line between dreary and energetic, capturing a sadness and a longing that will speak to a lot of music lovers looking for something different. They crank the distortion at all the right times, never over doing it, maintaining their aesthetic in the process.

Their latest album, Moving Away, is a testament to their sound and stands strong from beginning to end. As far as production goes, Moving Away sparkles. The guitar tones are crisp and there is a depth to the instrumentation that comes from strong song writing. The vocals sound muddy from time to time but that simply adds to the overall feel.

Songs like album opener “Gauze,” and later “Cool Back” show not only an attention to detail but the ability to construct a solid song. The hooks are catchy and have that stickiness that causes good songs to linger around after they’re done being played.

For casual listeners not looking to dig into the album, they will find Gleemer sounding like a couple emo sad boys complaining about their parents. But for those wanting more out of their music, Moving Away is a beautiful record with a lot of depth and emotion. It goes to show what a little know how will do for a record. Gleemer is Colorado’s sleeper band right now so do yourself a favor and check them out.

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