From All Star to Ah Shit: Smashmouth Unleashes on Bread Throwing Fans At Taste of Fort Collins

by Kyle Eustice

There are several issues going on with the whole Smash Mouth incident that occurred over the weekend. Granted, they are one of the last bands on Earth that should have been booked, well, anywhere, but lead singer Steve Harwell should have been able to deliver his god awful music in peace. Instead, he gets some jackass chucking bread at him during his performance at the Taste of Fort Collins outdoor concert. Really Fort Collins? Let’s have some class or taste, if you will. Surely, that bread could have been used to satisfy the munchies of your fellow stoner in the crowd. They were stoned and hungry, but instead you unleashed the rage of a one-hit-wonder who is probably still angry about his career. Not a good move. In all fairness, if Fort Collins had to make national news this way, then great, throw bread all you want. But next time consider who you’re throwing it at so you don’t get smash mouthed.

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  • Kyle as one who has had years of performing on stage and owns a production company and hired lots of national acts I have no respect for your article full of unfounded opinions about the band. Smash Mouth is not my style but your comments sound like a high school or college kid with little to zero in REAL musical experience or professional taste. AND the point was about a professional group getting things thrown at them at a concert in Ft.Collins. Instead it was you bashing on a multi hit multi soundtrack group. Point should be that this situation should have NEVER been an issue for the performer. Security should have taken care of it BEFORE it got out of hand. and ANY promoter would have NEVER let things you can throw be given away for free. Hence..people throwing things at performer. “Just bread” ? then where does it stop if he didnt call it out? this “security” was standing around looking at their feet. What if a dime or quarter or anything else was slipped into the bread and thrown? Hits him in the eye and…oh well…right….performer gets a “sorry” and maybe eye injury or blinded. Lets see what group wants to come here for that type of reception next year. THE SAFETY OF THE ACT AND THE PEOPLE ATTENDING SHOULD BE THE HIGHEST CONCERN OF THE EVENT…PERIOD. It was not. give a security T-shirt to a free volunteer does not make ANYONE secure. They have no idea what to do and they proved it….they just stood there. Not THATS the point!

  • Tracy, It’s obvious you have a soft spot in your alternative music infused heart for the garbage music of Smash Mouth, otherwise you wouldn’t stick up for them like they’re your own damn child. Being in a washed up cover band that only plays local shows does not make you experienced in the music business. Kyle, the author would embarrass the shit out of if you were to hear her credentials. She’s a contributing writer to a large number of international music publications that washed up artists like you probably dream of getting into. Nobody has respect for you and your opinion about your favorite band because it’s obvious you have poor taste. Anyone with a refined musical palette doesn’t fall for the one hit wonder, flash in the pan recipe that made smash mouth famous in the first place. Only simple minds like simple music (and it’s obvious there’s a lot of you out there). Secondly, blaming it on the promoter is just fucking ridiculous, like they could predict people would start playing with bread like it was a beach ball. Nonetheless, it was just bread and your buddy Steve Harwell shouldn’t have thrown such a tantrum over having some marble rye hit him the eye. Now he’s looking like the one with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead (along with you). Good luck with your fledgling cover music career.

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