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New Music Monday: Death Grips – On GP

by Clark Lamson


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Death Grips fans rejoice! We have been eagerly (and impatiently) awaiting the release of the hiphop trio’s “final” album for quite some time now. After splitting up in July, the band promised the 2nd half of their final album by the end of the year. If you’re reading this, I don’t have to tell you that MC Ride and crew squelched on their promise. After the release of the unexpected Fashion Week LP, and numerous release date changes, it appears as though Death Grips has finally settled on a release date, and they mean to keep it. Jenny Death, the 2nd half of the powers that b, will be release March 17th. This Tuesday. Like I said, rejoice.

Perhaps in an effort to pacify ravenous fans, along with a solid release date, came the second single from Jenny Death. “On GP” has all the guttural, ear-drum shredding we’ve come to expect from the unrelenting trio, but with almost all live instrumentation. While playing of this kind was featured on their first album, Exmilitary, the band later steered closer to a purely electronic sound, making a much deserved exception for Zack Hill’s blistering kit. Only recently have we heard more live instrumentation, with Fashion Week. “On GP” begins with a raucous grunge of fuzzed out guitars, and the ever present Hill heartbeat. At its apex, it breaks, and soars down into a brief refrain, layered with a classic organ. Being tossed from either extreme creates the illusion of being thrown around inside a tornado.

Lyrically, Ride is tackling some dark material, which should be no surprise to anyone at this point. Besides his coarse, screaming flow, MC Ride is known for his wildly enigmatic lyrics, which more often than not, have a dark tint to them. It’s quite possible we’ll be seeing the darkest, and most philosophical Ride yet in Jenny Death, especially when taking into account the previous single, “Inanimate Sensation.” Check out the videos for both singles, and the full track listing below.


the powers that b

Disc 1: niggas on the moon

01 Up My Sleeves

02 Billy Not Really

03 Black Quarterback

04 Say Hey Kid

05 Have a Sad Cum BB

06 Fuck Me Out

07 Voila

08 Big Dipper

Disc 2: jenny death

01 I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States

02 Inanimate Sensation

03 Turned Off

04 Why a Bitch Gotta Lie


06 The Powers That B

07 Beyond Alive

08 Centuries of Damn

09 On GP

10 Death Grip 2.0


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