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Album Review: Navigate—Aspen Hourglass

by Cole Peterson

Friday February 27th Aspen Hourglass released their new EP, titled Navigate. BandWagon Magazine sat down with the band members Greyson Erhard (lead vocals/guitar), Elvin Holderfield (piano), and Sean Hansen (drums/backup vocals), in a bid to discuss their upcoming release.

“Greyson and I are so seeded in technical music, trying our best to think outside the cliche,” says Hansen.

Two weeks before their summer tour and with a nearing album release their original bassist left the band. Erhard and Hansen were left with no choice but to find a new bass player. Admittedly, the idea of adding a synth bass in place of a bass guitar to the group came to Erhard while listening to mainstream radio. “I was listening to 93.3 at the time and ‘Sail’ came on by Awolnation.” Erhard heard their use of the synth bass and realized, “How unique would it be to have a synth bass, with classical piano, tap/slap guitar, and jazz drumming with vocal harmonies.”

The addition of Holderfield was an easy choice for Erhard and Hansen. While brainstorming possible candidates Hansen came to the immediate conclusion that “There really is no other bass player we would rather play with.” The foundation for the new Aspen Hourglass sound had been set.

Each member brings forth a unique musical background, ranging from jazz, to classical and metal. Only when the members of Aspen Hourglass combine these elements does something magical happen. Ethereal at first, but with time, and multiple listening sessions, the complexities of the music begin to reveal themselves.

navigateNavigate begins with a song titled “Justify,” the start of a journey through a ghostly ocean. Deep and complex, mysterious, with little time to ponder, the vocal harmonies leave the heart begging for more.

The final track on the EP titled “Who Needs” creates a sense of limitlessness. The lyrics, “Who needs stability?” voiced in broad, deep tones, facilitates this openness. Besides that, “Who Needs” is just a badass song. Precising guitar licks, heavy drum work, and a growly synthesizer just make one want to act, without the worries of stability.

Aspen Hourglass have primed themselves for the future. Recently Erhard went viral with a video release of a solo guitar track titled “Ate.” The video caught the attention of the music business. Now with possible endorsement deals and an expansion of professional connections all in the works, the guys from Aspen Hourglass are ready to take it to the next level.

Navigate published by Aloft Records is set to release Friday February 27th at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver. Be on the look out kids, this one may just catch you by surprise.




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