Print, Reviews August 6, 2013

Local Artist Dyana Wyeno Shares Her Vision

by Kendra Hamman

DSC_6893Dyana Wyeno is the ultimate Multi-tasker. A Graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with an emphasis in printmaking. She excels in painting, working with multimedia materials, and building 3D objects, while she also works three or four jobs including curating art for The Blue Mug @ Margies, teaches art classes for the Access Homeschool Program at Frontier Academy, and is a key dancer in a belly dancing group called Tribe Sidysan. I walk into her studio space in the Greeley Art Space and see several different projects mid way done, you can almost feel them bouncing creative energy off each other. She is an artist of many colors and knows how to get the most out of both her busy schedule and every and any household material.

Wyeno’s art will be showcased at three venues, The Blue Mug @ Margies, Café Panache, and the Greeley Art Space, in August to form a three-part story and is primarily done in acrylic paint, and found material manipulation. The variety in this show keeps the viewer moving eagerly from piece to piece in awe of Wyeno’s ability to see potential and beauty in everything from old steel, to shrinky dink paper, to old newspaper bags. This diverse collection of textures and odd objects mimics the stories main plot line of transformation.

Wyeno puts as much effort into the sketched storyboard and character developments that took up the better portion of the last half of her sketch book as she did into the three section plot, and the painting itself. This Art show is truly unique in the fact that it takes on art as a form of communication on all levels and does not merely focus on one mastery of medium. the point if this show is to witness the relationship between her adventurous mismatched gang of creatures that “Venture out” of the wintery woods in chapter one, find themselves in wide plains in chapter 2 “Pause and Reflect,” and then return into a forest of clouds in “Journey On.” Conveniently, Wyeno’s story is circular and can be seen in any order.
Wyeno will be at the following receptions for each; The Blue Mug @ Margies, 5pm-6pm, Cafe Panache, 6pm-7-pm, and The Greeley Art Space, 7pm-8pm this coming first Friday, August 2nd.

When asked how her art has transformed through her many projects, she remarks “It makes me continue to learn and grow… I never settled on one thing.” She goes from one medium to the next with ease and seeks new inspiration and consequently lets in influence her in poritive forward thinking ways. Wyeno demonstrates her creative diversity by incorporating found objects into her pieces such as newspaper bags, cigar boxes, hangers, and recycled steel to give the viewer a sense of space, and texture.

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