Features, Print August 12, 2013

ARISE Spotlight – The Motet

by Kendra Hamman

the motetFor the last decade the Motet has asked only one favor from fans, “Dance your ass off!” This summer alone they have blasted some of the most beautiful concert venues in the state of Colorado with their soulful grooves and funky beats.

The band was founded by drummer Dave Watts and includes eight other members. Fans of Juno What?! will recognize Joey Porter on the keyboard looping in synthetic vocals with deep electronic drum beats. The saxophone blasts over the heavy percussion section that includes a drum set and African hand drums. Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic has been known to jump on stage and jam with the Motet from time to time, and members of the Motet have performed in other collaborative shows such as the Herbie Hancock tribute.

With the variety of instrumentation the Motet keeps their sound cohesive, it is apparent that the members have a solid musical relationship. They are able to improvise keeping each show fresh while maintaining a tight sound that keeps the audience moving. For fans who missed the sold out night at the Mishawaka or couldn’t make it to their two night run at State Bridge catch the Motet at Arise and dance your ass off.

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