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Review: Robotic Pirate Monkey – “The Booty Snatch EP”

by John Hann

rpm booty snatchThe Booty Snatch EP, released on March 13th, consists of five tracks full of groovy electronic melodies and heavy bass. This EP has a lot to offer for RPM fans that have been anxiously waiting for some new tracks. RPM has gone out of their way to create a well-constructed project that shows their growth as musicians, as well as their clever creative musical direction.

The first track of the EP, “Tides of Babylon,” shows off RPM’s new style with uplifting smooth aquatic tones, intense build-ups, and raunchy drops. The second track of the EP “Portside Bounce” starts out with a slow chill vibe that puts your mind at ease with a southern-style twang. The track continues on to develop a jazzy R&B feel that then falls into a dirty bass drop that keeps your head moving. “Digging For Fortune” follows with out-of-control drops that demonstrate the group’s new mixing abilities well. The clean dynamic drops with filled out sounds and voice samples from sublime, illustrates that the group can still throw down hard while upholding a fresh cool tone.

“Lazer Hook” and “Bob Overboard” proceed to demonstrate RPM’s amazing ability to mix their music with a tight new spin and dirty electronic drops. “Lazer Hook” points out the group’s skill in mixing down heavy electronic tones, but “Bob Overboard” takes on a hip-hop feel that sets a new standard for RPM’s easy-going style. There is no doubt that this long awaited project for RPM has been a success, and is a big step in the right direction for RPM’s musical future.

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