Trout Steak Revival – Play Us Some Mountain Music

May 1, 2018

I attribute a lot of Trout Steak’s success to stamina. As we built the band, it felt like the steps of growth took much longer than we expected. We play about 120-150 shows each year. While we are on tour we travel in a van a lot, sleep in a different place every night. There are a lot of amazing moments on stage, there are also a lot of moments that cause you to ask yourself why you’re in a touring band. The thing that has held Trout Steak together over the years is communication. We treat each other fairly, we know each other very well and we know when to tread lightly and when to sit down and talk about it. It’s a family and we were friends first. My advice for a budding band would be to start a band with people you admire and trust: your friends!

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Ninth Annual Glo Music Festival

February 11, 2014

Glo Festival 2014 was the 9th such event in as many years. After attending my first Glo on January 25th at the Denver Mart it is no surprise that this EDM fest is still thriving in Colorado. Floorbangrs and Intense Worldwide have my thanks for making this happen. Glo brings all of the necessary elements together for people to catalyze into the kind of sensory overload event you expect and deserve.

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